Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Installing a Guest Operating System (New Virtual Machine)

A new virtual machine is like a physical computer with a blank hard disk. Before you can use it, you need to partition and format the virtual disk and install an operating system. The operating system’s installation program might handle the partitioning and formatting steps for you. Installing a guest operating system inside your VMware Workstation virtual machine is essentially the same as installing it on a physical computer
To install a guest operating system 
  1. Start VMware Workstation.
  2. Insert the installation CD ROM or floppy disk for your guest operating system.
  3. In some host configurations, the virtual machine cannot boot from the installation CD ‐ROM. You can work around that problem by creating an ISO image file from the installation CD ‐ROM. Use the virtual machine settings editor (choose VM>Settings ) to connect the virtual machine’s CD drive to the ISO image file, and power on the virtual machine. If the operating system spans several CDs, when you are prompted to insert the second CD: Disconnect from the current image by choosing VM>Removable Devices>CD ‐ROM>Disconnect
  • Edit the CD settings by choosing VM>Removable Devices>CD‐ROM>Edit.
  • For Use ISO image file, click Browse, and select the ISO image for the second CD.
  • In the Device Status area, select the Connected check box and click OK.
  • In the guest operating system, click OK or otherwise respond to the prompt so that installation can continue. Repeat this process for additional CDs.
   6. Click the Power On button to power on your virtual machine.
   7. Follow the instructions provided by the operating system vendor.

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